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Japan’s Data + Sports

Publication of White Paper on Sport in Japan 2023

Dec. 11, 2023

White Paper on Sport in Japan 2023 has become available for download. Get overview of current sports life in Japan!

A) Overview

The White Paper on Sport in Japan, issued every three years, is a comprehensive guide to sports in Japan. The latest 2023 version is written by over 70 specialists and practitioners based on a data-driven analysis of the current sports life and situation in Japan. It covers a variety of topics and consists of detailed data, facts, and figures obtained through the Sasakawa Sports Foundation’s engagement in the mission to create a "Sport for Everyone society” and promote lifelong sports.

B) Key Areas of Focus

The key areas of focus include sport-related policies and organizations, the national budget for sport, sport integrity and related initiatives, frequency levels of participation in sport and physical activities, sport facilities, disability sport, human resources for sport, and participation in various types of sport clubs.

C) Uncovering Insights

Reading through this White Paper leads you to uncover insights into how the country’s sport administration system operates, the trends in promoting sport integrity, the frequency of participation in sport and physical activities, how and where people with disabilities enjoy sports, the number of staff members engaged in local sport administration, etc.

D) Chapter Title

  • Chapter 1 Sport Policy
  • Chapter 2 Sport Participation
  • Chapter 3 Disability Sport
  • Chapter 4 Human Resources for Sport
  • Chapter 5 Sport Clubs
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