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Our Work

On the Move

Staying active and enjoying sports throughout one’s life is an increasingly important concern today in the face of a declining birthrate and an aging population. One key to a fulfilling life is to ensure that everyone—regardless of age, place of residence, or level of physical fitness—has opportunities to exercise and participate in sports.

The Sasakawa Sports Foundation is dedicated to fully utilizing the power of sports to build a healthy and vibrant society. We conduct research on sports-related activities and present our findings in both statistical and descriptive formats. We also work closely with national and local governments and other stakeholders to develop programs that enable people to deepen their enjoyment of sports. Using the synergy born of our research and engagement activities, we seek to build a society whose members are all actively “on the move.”

* * *

Our research activities focus on a number of core themes that are crucial to realizing an inclusive and dynamic society. The findings are periodically compiled into white papers and annual sports-life surveys and are also incorporated into policy proposals that are presented to the government and sports promotion organizations.

In addition to conducting research, we apply the knowledge we have gained to engage with the community, collaborating with local governments to jointly develop and implement projects that not only promote sports participation but also help address societal issues. These pilot projects are subsequently further developed and implemented in other local communities.

* * *

We believe that sports is a valuable tool in building a healthier, more dynamic society—one in which each and every member, regardless of their circumstance in life, can experience the joy and happiness of participation.

The 2023 SSF National Sports-Life Survey of Children and Young People

The 2023 SSF National Sports-Life Survey of Children and Young People

The Sasakawa Sports Foundation has been conducting a National Sports-Life Survey of children and young people every other year since 2001 to ascertain their level of participation in sports and physical activities across Japan in terms of frequency, duration, and intensity. The survey covers a full range of sports-related activities.

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