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The Sasakawa Sports Foundation is a public interest incorporated foundation seeking to utilize the power of sports to enable everyone to participate in sports and lead a physically active life. We carry out various projects in an organically coordinated fashion, undertaking research and issuing policy proposals to promote lifelong sports participation while also engaging with sports-related organizations to plan and implement various events.

We place great importance on the proper management of personal information collected through the course of these activities. In addition to complying with the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we respect the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations applicable to personal information, basing our efforts to safely and appropriately manage such information on the following policies.

1. Collection and Use

Personally identifiable information, such as name, gender, and date of birth, is collected in an appropriate and fair manner. The purposes of use are clearly stated, and use is limited to within the scope of such purposes.

2. Provision to Third Parties and Disclosure

Personal information will not be provided to third parties or disclosed without the prior consent of the individual, except when required by law or when necessary for the protection of human life, physical well-being, or property, the improvement of public health, or the promotion of the welfare of children.

3. Management

  1. To ensure data accuracy and safety, appropriate security measures will be taken to prevent loss, damage, alteration, leakage, theft, unauthorized access, etc.
  2. When the handling of personal information is outsourced, the agent will be obliged to manage the data in a proper manner and be subject to necessary and appropriate supervision, such as by concluding a contract specifying how the information is to be handled.

4. Disclosure, Correction, Addition, and Deletion

Individuals have the right to request the disclosure, correction, addition, suspension of use, or deletion of any personally identifiable information, and we will promptly respond to such requests.

5. Privacy Compliance Program

This privacy policy will be implemented through the development and maintenance of a set of rules under a privacy compliance program for the protection of personal information. The program will be improved on an ongoing basis in response to changes in our operations and social developments, and all Foundation officers, employees, and related personnel will be made aware of the program. Any complaints regarding the handling of personal information will be addressed in an appropriate and prompt manner by contact staff assigned to handle such complaints.

6. Cookies

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Enacted April 6, 2011
Effective April 1, 2011

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