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The mainstay of our research activities is a series of surveys we have been conducting since 1992 on the status of a full range of sports-related activities in Japan. The surveys are conducted annually and target people of all ages, focusing on adults during even-numbered years and children and young people (aged 4 to 11 and 12 to 21) in odd-numbered years. The findings are compiled each year as national sports-life surveys.

The White Paper on Sport, issued every three years, is a comprehensive guide to sports in Japan. Authored by over 70 specialists and practitioners, it is the only sports white paper in Japan and contains a broad range of statistics, research reports and analyses, and policy proposals.

The SSF endeavors to create an inclusive society in which all citizens can enjoy sports in their daily lives and where the power of sports is utilized to address societal issues. Our research activities thus focus on several core themes that are crucial to realizing such a society. SSF experts spearhead units comprising research fellows and other specialists from various organizations to compile reports that examine sports-related issues from multiple angles.

The knowledge accumulated through our research activities is applied to bettering people’s lives and addressing societal challenges through policy proposals and innovative action plans for governmental and sports-affiliated organizations. The findings are also presented more broadly at various international conferences.

The following is a list of publications summarizing the findings of our research and engagement activities that are currently available in English. Click on the title to view the PDF file. We will be producing many more English articles and publications going forward to share our insights with a global audience.

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