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Publication of The 2023 SSF National Sports-Life Survey of Children and Young People

May 9, 2024

The 2023 SSF National Sports-Life Survey has become available for download. Please get an overview of the current Sports-Life of children and young people in Japan.

Since 2001, the Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF) has conducted its Sports-Life Survey of Ages 10 to 19 on children in Japan, with the goal of achieving “Sport for Everyone” by understanding exercise and sports participation of children during after-school periods and on holidays as well as sports environments surrounding these children. In 2009, the SSF also began conducting the Sports-Life Survey of Ages 4 to 9 on young children in order to better ascertain the factors that lead to the polarization of exercise and sports participation observed in those aged 10-19 and the turning points for such phenomenon. From the 2017 survey, the target age groups were newly categorized into those aged 4-11 and those aged 12-21; these surveys have been conducted every two years on exercise and sports participation of preschool through university-age in Japan.

On March 29, 2024, we published the Executive Summary of “The 2023 SSF National Sports-Life Survey of Children and Young People” (Survey period: June 24 to July 21, 2023).

Under the theme of “Sports-Life and Health of Children and Young People”, we examined the sports life among 4-21 year olds across different age groups. The summary outlines preferred types of sports, physical activities and media usage time in daily living, interactions with family through sports and play, as well as annual trends in participation frequencies and levels.


  • Frequencies of exercise and sports participation
  • Exercise and sports types
  • Sports teams/clubs
  • Liking for exercise and sports participation
  • Sports spectating
  • Sports volunteering
  • Status of physical activities of daily living
  • Media usage time (screen time)
  • Frequencies of exercise, sports, and physical play with family

Application for information use

Upon request, we will provide raw data (including cross-tabulation results, text in Japanese only) from every National Sports-Life Survey taken to date. Interested parties should contact the SSF through the link below.


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