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Signing MOU with Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) for strengthen international partnership

Jan. 15, 2024

SSF and Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on November 6, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal to mutual cooperative ties and to explore friendly relations and cooperation.

A) MOU signing ceremony

Mr. Vítor Pataco, President of IPDJ and Mr, Max Tamazawa, SSF Managing Director, on behalf of Mr. Kazutoshi Watanabe, President of SSF attended and signed the MOU in the presence of representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Portugal and Japanese Embassy in Lisbon.

Mr. Kazutoshi, WATANABE, SSF President commented:
“It is a great honor for SSF to conclude the very first international partnership agreement with IPDJ of Portugal. This partnership has been nurtured and coordinated by a young Portuguese leader from IPDJ, who had contributed to the success of the 26th TAFISA World Congress in Tokyo in 2019 as an intern to SSF at that time. It was the beginning of our partnership journey. I strongly believe that better ideas and projects will be generated by sharing the current situations of sports and sport-related policies as the first step to enhance synergy of partnership under this MOU. Furthermore, better mutual understanding between the two countries can be developed through sports.”

Signing MOU with Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth
Signing MOU with Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth

B) Purpose and background

SSF has the mission of creating a society where all citizens can find happiness by enjoying sports, namely “Sport for Everyone” Society. IPDJ has the mission of executing an integrated and decentralized policy for the areas of sport and youth.

The purpose of this MOU is to establish and maintain a strong relationship between SSF and IPDJ, and to positively contribute to both organizations’ development by promoting cooperative work, such as sharing good practices and knowledges in the field of Sport for All and Physical Activity. SSF and IPDJ recognize the benefits of increased collaboration, cooperation and interaction for the further promotion of Sport for All and Physical Activity and are very much looking forward to collaborating with each other.

C) About IPDJ

The IPDJ is the national public body responsible for the implementation of an integrated and decentralized policy for the areas of sport and youth, in close collaboration with public and private organizations, namely with sports organizations, youth associations, students and local authorities.

IPDJ’s mission is to promote sport participation for the general population, as well as support regular and high-performance sports through the provision of technical, human and financial resources. Furthermore, the preservation of ethics in sport is also one of the essential scopes of the organization. IPDJ also aims to support youth associations, volunteering and promotion of citizenship, occupation of free time, non-formal education, information and geographical mobility of youth in Portugal and abroad.

D) Way forward

Our journey is now just getting started. Through exchange knowledges and ideas based on this MOU, both parties will develop further strengthen partnership and contribute to Sport for All movement together as 480 years longstanding history between Japan and Portugal.

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