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Over 30 years’ continuous achievement on Sport for All by TAFISA-JAPAN

May 17, 2023

The Sport for All movement has been promoted by TAFISA-JAPAN since 1992. The Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF) is a founding member in partnership with the Japan Sport Association (JSPO) and the Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation. This article traces our journey to promote Sport for All in Japan.

Looking back to 1992, TAFISA-JAPAN was established to promote Sport for All and lifelong sports participation in Japan. Its founding membership comprised the following four organizations:

1) Japan Sport Association (JSPO)

2) Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation

3) National Recreation Association of Japan

4) Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF)

Of the four founding members, JSPO, Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation, and SSF are the current member organizations.

Introduction to Member Organizations


1) Japan Sport Association (JSPO)

JSPO is committed to realizing an ideal society in which sport is equally accessible to all.

  1. Event section: Holds the National Sports Festival and Sports Masters Japan (Japan Games), international exchange, and talent identification and development events.
  2. Club and Area section: Supports junior sports clubs and comprehensive community sports clubs.
  3. Soft Infrastructure section: Develops sports coaches and conducts sports science research.

2) Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation

Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation aims for the “Realize a Society of Health, Happiness, and Longevity.”

  1. Health promotion through provision of accurate health information, and creation of an environment that encourages exercise and physical activity.
  2. Training of health/fitness programmers and health/fitness instructors.
  3. Research and study on fitness, physical activity, and health promotion.

3) Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF)

SSF strives to realize a “Sport for Everyone Society.”

  1. Research and surveys: Collecting data, publishing research reports, and formulating policy proposals on seven focus themes including “Community Building through Sport” and “Children and Youth Sports.”
  2. Coordinating with municipalities: Coordinating “TAFISA World Challenge Day” in Japan, providing data and research results to support municipalities in their policy development, etc.

Commitment to Sport for All with TAFISA

TAFISA-JAPAN has hosted the TAFISA World Congress twice: 1993 in Chiba and 2019 in Tokyo. In addition, Max, Masanori Tamazawa, SSF managing director and TAFISA-JAPAN board member, was elected to the TAFISA Board of Directors at the organization’s 2022 General Assembly in Slovenia to lead the global Sport for All movement.

<TAFISA Board Directors from Japan>

  1. Aoki Takashi (1991–1997)
  2. Prof. Dr. Yasuo Yamaguchi (2009–2022)
  3. Max, Masanori Tamazawa (2022–present)

<26th TAFISA World Congress 2019 in Tokyo>

Dates: November 13–16, 2019

Venues: Toshi Center Hotel Tokyo and Kojimachi Junior High School

Theme: “Sport for All through Tradition and Innovation”

Japan Walking Day

Japan Walking Day was an online event related to TAFISA World Walking Day on October 2, 2022. In 2022, TAFISA-JAPAN served as a pacesetter for TAFISA World Walking Day – 24 hours around the globe.

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