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TEL for inquiries: 81-3-6229-5500
E-mail Address:
Postal Address: Kishi Memorial Hall, 1-1-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8050, Japan

Useful Information

Entry into Japan / VISA

Every visitor entering Japan must have a valid passport.

Visitors from countries whose citizens require visas should apply to the Japanese consulate or diplomatic mission in their own countries. For further information, please visit:


- It sometimes takes more than a month to obtain a visa from the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country. We strongly recommend you to complete the registration and payment well in advance to receive the application form for supporting documents for your visa application from the Secretariat.

- The documents issued by the organiser do not assure the applicants of obtaining the visa but will be judged by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate where you have applied for your visa.

Emergency Calls

To WherePhone Number
Ambulance or Fire119


Japan is known for its low crime rate, but it is always wise to be careful of one’s personal belongings, especially in crowded areas.

Drinking Water – Tap Water

Tap water is safe to drink anywhere in Japan unless mentioned otherwise. Also, you can buy mineral water at convenience stores, supermarkets, and station kiosks, etc.

Currency Exchange

The official currency of Japan is the YEN (¥) and only the YEN is accepted when paying in cash. Currency exchange is available at hotels and designated foreign exchange banks.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Traveler’s checks and ATMs

Major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express are widely accepted in Japan. Personal checks are not accepted anywhere in Japan.
Foreign debit cards are not accepted in most Japanese shops or restaurants.
Traveler’s checks are accepted only at limited, designated leading foreign exchange banks and certain currency exchange shops.

ATMs that accept credit, debit and ATM cards that are issued outside of Japan can be found in:

Post offices in Japan:
7-Eleven convenience stores:
Please note that ATMs in most Japanese banks do not accept foreign cards.


The average temperatures in Tokyo during the period of the conference would generally be as follows:

Average High16.661.9
Average Low7.946.2

You can check the latest weather forecast on the Japan Meteorological Agency website.


The local power supply is uniformly 100 volts. The frequency is 50Hz in Tokyo (Eastern Japan). The type of power outlet/connector is “Type A” which is a two parallel-pronged type.

Type A plug

Consumption Tax

Consumption tax is now 8%. It is scheduled to be increased to 10 % in October 2019.


Taxi fares start at approximately 410 YEN with additional costs depending on distance covered and time elapsed. Payment is made when you reach your destination and the exact fare is shown clearly on the meter, for transparency and assurance. Tipping is not necessary at any time when taking a taxi.


Tipping is not necessary in Japan.


Smoking is available only in the designated areas. Public transportation such as trains, buses and taxis are generally non-smoking. Most hotels have separated rooms, smoking or non-smoking.

Unit of Measurement

Metric (kg, g, l, m, km, cm, etc.)


The Organising Committees and/or Congress Organisers will not be held liable for personal accidents or losses or damage to private property of registered participants to the Congress. Participants should make their own arrangements as regards personal insurances.

Discover Tokyo

Useful Digital Pamphlet about Tokyo is available from below Link:

Discover Japan

Useful Digital Pamphlet about Japan is available from below Link:


Tokyo Tower and sunset seen from the observatory on the top floor of World Trade Center Building in Hamamatsucho


Scrambled intersection in Shibuya where 3000 people go and come once


Asakusa is the most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. On the both sides of the Houzou gate, the statues of Nio greet visitors.


At Kappabashi Town Street, dishes samples that look exactly like genuine articles are sold.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

At Ryogoku Kokugikan, sumo wrestling, a Japanese national sport, is held three times in January, May and September.


In Akihabara, the world's leading electricity district, there are many stores such as idol goods, shops selling anime and comics, and cafes by employee dressed as a character.

Tokyo Sky Tree

The 634-meter Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in Japan with 15 different light-ups depending on seasons and events. The color of this picture is "Miyabi" of Edo purple.

Niju bridge

Niju bridge over the Imperial Palace where the Emperor lives in. In May 2019, the current Emperor will abdicate, the Prince will inherit the throne.




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